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ctDEdit  --  is the perfect masked edit control for date/ time entry and presentation. Supporting international time formats, ctDEdit provides the developer with a choice of either a twelve-hour clock or a twenty-four hour clock.

In addition, pre-defined date formats are compatible with all regions of the world. The ctDEdit component provides fully featured date and time masked edit functionality combined with graphically diverse presentation styles.

XML Support :  All data, including presentation detail and style settings, consumed in ctDEdit can be imported from or exported to an XML file. XML Styles data is easily consumed by other supported DBI components offering developers an economical method for maintaining presentations.
Masked Edit Definition : Allows developers to enforce the presentation and entry format of date or time values. The component supports a vast array of options for both numeric and verbose date/time presentation.
Drop and Spin Buttons : Display optional drop and/or spin buttons. Their colors and bevels are defined by the programmer.
Auto-Repeat Clicks : The component supports the automatic firing of the built-in button click events. This repeat is based on a definable repeat rate property available to the developer. 
Windows Design Styles : New style properties allow the control to mimic the styles found under Windows XP.
Intelligent Data Entry : The component fills in / completes the entire date when only a part of it has been entered.
Flat Style : The component can remain flat until it receives focus or until a mouse-over event.
Time Range : A definable minimum and maximum date/time range values.
Cross Year : A developer-definable cross year used to automatically interpret short year values entered by the end-user.
Error Trapping : The component fires an error event when an attempt is made (by the end-user) to enter a date or time that is invalid, too large (based on the developer-definable maximum value), or too small (based on the developer-definable minimum value).
Formatting Options : Date and time formatting options include include Am/Pm, include seconds, long or short years, text alignment, verbose dates, military time, and definable date and time separation characters.
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