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Enhance your LabVIEW projects with standard Windows navigation using ctListBar. A traditional navigation component that offers a neet and tidy way for presenting catergorized resources. When clicking on a list bar button the selected list slides into view presenting the items contained within. When there are more list items than can be displayed within the viewable space, navigation buttons automatically appear allowing the end-user to scroll through the otherwise hidden items.

Multiple Columns : Offer end-users direct navigation with multiple columns.
XML Support :  All data, including presentation detail and style settings, consumed by ctListBar can be imported from or exported to an XML file. XML Styles data is easily consumed by other supported DBI components offering developers an economical method for maintaining presentations.
Host other Objects : Enhance application functionality by hosting other objects within the list portion of ctListBar.
Control Style Property :  By changing just one property, cascade those new style settings throughout the control for consistent presentations.

Horizontal and Vertical Styles :  Unique, yet simple presentation options with vertical or horizontal orientation.

Fill Styles : In addition to XP Styles, the background of the list, list bars, and navigation buttons can all be colored with different fill styles including patters for horizontal, vertical, diagonal, horizontal bump, vertical bump, pyramid, diamond, circular and elliptical gradient fills.
Images for List Bars : Assign picture clips to the list bars.
ListBar Mouse Over Color : As the mouse moves over certain areas of the control, the developer can change the appearance of that area. For list items the control provides OverBackColor, OverFont, OverStyle, and OverTextColor properties for customizing presentations. For list bars the control provides a BarForeColorOver property.
Image Backgrounds : Create your own diverse backgrounds with user defined images.

Text Options :
The control provides embedded support for assigning and customizing the text strings used for List Bars and List Items.  Set one or any combination of 15 properties to create a perfect presentation.

Masked Bitmaps :
The control provides support for masking bitmaps. Masked bitmaps appear to have transparent backgrounds. Transparent areas in a bitmap will be determined by the MaskColor property of the control.
Smooth Scrolling : Smooth scrolling option as new lists are selected.
Tool Tips : Support for tool tips for list items.
Word Wrap : Text in a list item can be wrapped.
Image List :  Store up to 100 images in the internal image list. 
Mouse Over and Select Status : Diverse images, fonts, and colors for each item when the mouse moves over an item, or when an item is selected.

Selected Items :
Support for the ability to mark a selected Item.

Text Alignment :
Text alignment within the list bars and list items.

Navigation Buttons :
Navigation buttons may be placed in the list and on either side of the list or, on the list bars or on either side of the list.

Border Styles :
Support for regular, thin and flat styles.
Drag and Drop :  Drag into and out of the ListBar component. Settings also allow the control to automatically open a closed group as an item is dragged over the appropriate group button.
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