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Add images to your HTML development quickly and simply with ctImage.  An invisible image list component capable of storing up to 50 individual bitmaps, icons or meta-files, as well as, file paths (URLs) to an additional 50 images.  When images are referenced by file paths, they are loaded asynchronously after the ctImage object has been instantiated. ctImage can also be used to pass images to other objects that may require multiple images.

Stores up to 50 Image Files: Acting as an invisible picture repository on a form, ctImage can be loaded with up to 50 images which may in turn be "swapped" to other objects' picture properties. Images may be loaded at design time. Images may also be loaded or removed using ctImage's custom properties and methods.


Stores Up to 50 File Paths :  The OLE container of HTML script editors and some other hosting platforms are unable to store and save picture information with OLE objects. By referencing file paths, ctImage can asynchronously load images for use by objects in HTML forms after the forms have loaded and all objects have been instantiated. Up to 50  image file paths may be saved in the ctImage object. The path string may reference a local file or a web URL.

Error Trapping :  Custom CtrlError event reports complete set of errors such as "Bad Picture", "File Not Found", "Too Many Images".
Image Load Properties : LoadState reports the status of the component (Loading, Loaded, Interactive, Complete). Autoload specifies whether an image defined within a path will be automatically loaded when the ctImage control becomes instantiated. ImageListCount returns the number of images or paths to images currently defined in the control.

Visited Link Colors : Optional independent text color settings for links that have been visited and those that have not been visited.

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