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Give end-users every chance to get it right the first time with ctMEdit, a masked-edit data entry component. ctMEdit provides a flexible data mask interface for validating or formatting text at the point of input and display.  ctMEdit can be configured to display the built-in drop button and/or spin button. Other objects such as a calculator control can be combined with this component to easily create a drop-down combo object. ctMEdit supports simple data binding through its Text property.
XML Support :  All data, including presentation detail and style settings, consumed in ctMEdit can be imported from or exported to an XML file. XML Styles data is easily consumed by other supported DBI components offering developers an economical method for maintaining presentations.
Use Mask Characters : Allows developers to include or exclude mask characters in the text string property.
AutoComplete Features : Automatically expand partially entered values by appending or suggesting completed values.

Drop and Spin Buttons : Display optional drop and/or spin buttons. Their colors and bevels are defined by the programmer.
XP Styles : The drop button, spin buttons, and scroll bar can all be set up to mimic the button types and fill patterns found in Windows XP. These styles can be set up to appear whether you are using Windows XP or not.
Auto-Repeat Clicks : The component supports the automatic firing of the built-in button click events. This repeat is based on a definable repeat rate property available to the developer.

Flat Style :
The component can remain flat until it receives focus or until a mouse-over event.

Simple Data Binding :
For host platforms that support simple data binding, ctMEdit provides a Text property.
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