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ctExplorer  --  is a single meta-component that dynamically manages a List Bar, List View, Tree View, Splitter Bars, Tabs and HTML viewer. Since all views are integrated into a single component, ctExplorer provides a quick and easy foundation for creating application interfaces or “explorer-like” applications removing the need to program and manage individual explorer UI objects and their interaction.
ctExplorer offers developers complete control over data and document object interaction, allowing users to navigate objects from the List Bar, Tree View or List View areas. The HTML viewer will display selected objects according to their file-types (Word, Excel...). making ctExplorer a powerful UI component ideal for designing applications where large volumes of data need to be available and in a well organized presentation layer.
Integrated Splitter/Resizing :  Splitter bar and embedded window resizing activity is handled by ctExplorer internally. A great benefit for IDE’s that do not support the ISimpleFrame standard.

Interchangeable Views : The tree view, list view, list bar, browser, tabs and text area can all be removed from the control. This allows for complete control in the presentation of the ctExplorer control

Enhanced Views : The tree view, list view, list bar and/or browser area can all be enhanced or replaced with other custom controls to help increase the functionality of the view.

Internal Image List : An internal image list can be used to assign images to the different views in the control.

GDI plus Styles :
Border types and GDI+ shading and fills allow developers to set presentations with custom branding elements to current application styles.

Property Pages :
  Allow developers to treat each of the four views as if they were separate controls, providing easy navigation and configuration of the component.
Tree View pane :  provides an enhanced hierarchical tree / outline control ideal for displaying document headings, index entries, file directory structures, and any other information that can be organized in a hierarchical format.
List View pane :  is an enhanced list view object. It provides extensive list box functionality beyond that of standard list box objects that ship with most IDE's. This includes the ability to contain variable height list items, the ability to host sub-text, support for multi-select and multi-lines, drag and drop in and out of the control, picture clips and check boxes within each list item, multiple columns, tool tips on the vertical scroll bar, vertical and horizontal grid lines, pre-column display, etc
List / Outlook Bar View : is a navigation component similar to the Microsoft® Outlook™ list bar. The List Bar View displays sets of sliding lists; each list contains its own group of items. An item can be represented with text and/or an image. Clicking on a list bar button slides the selected list and its items into view. When there are more list items in a list that can be displayed within the object, navigation buttons are automatically displayed so that the end-user may scroll to hidden items.
Document Viewer :  is a Browser Viewer providing the functionality of a Web Browser within an ActiveX component design. The object provides a window through which sites on the World Wide Web can be browsed, as well as folders in the local file system and on a network. The browser view supports all the regular functionality of the MS browser including hyper-linking, Uniform Resource Locator (URL) navigation, and maintenance of a history list.
Tabs : It is possible to assign tabs to the tree view, list view and browser view. This allows the programmer to increase the functionality of the view.
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  Explorer/Outlook bar
  Tree View
  List View
  Connect to any data source
  Snap in Windows UI
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