LabVIEW Components - Data presentation, Windows UI design, Navigation all in one
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DBi Component Software is Compatible with LabVIEW  

LabVIEW Components

Component Software for Visual LabVIEW Application Design

Design modern Windows interfaces and add snap-in, industry tested functionality for LabVIEW projects quickly with LabVIEW Components.

A natural extension of the LabVIEW Graphical Programming environment, LabVIEW Components offer engineers and scientists a set of industry standard interface objects that can be added to any block diagram. 

LabVIEW developers wanting to compliment their Test, Measurement and Automation solutions with current Windows compliant navigation, data presentation and user interface design - LabVIEW Compoents is your answer.

LabVIEW Components are a tailored collection of software components with Snap-in, reusable functionality for presenting and interacting with data.  LabVIEW Components offer LabVIEW developers a collection of standardized Windows interface design components complete with royalty-free distribution.
 With LabVIEW Components, engineers and LabVIEW developers have a full set of resources ready for placement on any block diagram.

Using commercially distributed component software removes the worry associated with custom designed source code by offering standardized interface objects found in commercial software used around the world.

Using LabVIEW Components :
    >  reduces development time
    >  increases functionality
    >  reduces risk associated with custom source code
    >  provides ongoing functionality enhancements
    >  includes technical support

Incorporating Commercially distributed component software in LabVIEW projects can be your answer to a simple drag and drop implementation of standard software design functionality for consistent Windows-style presentations.
Start creating industry standard Windows presentations for your LabVIEW applications today with the LabVIEW Components starter pack.  The LabVIEW Components Starter Pack include LabVIEW samples, system tray accessible help and wizard-like property pages.
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LabVIEW Components - Windows style plug in navigation and data presentation controls    
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The LabVIEW starter pack includes DropMenu and ToolBar with full developer licensing and distribution rights. Free more...
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"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that D.K. just got done demoing his latest application using ctGrid. 

Absolutely outstanding!!!  I’m not able to share images of this app due to confidentiality but I can say that once again, DBI allowed us extremely valuable functionality through one of their controls that would have been next to impossible to achieve without it!     J.T.   Ball Aerospace

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